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Masonic Enlightenment is the work of one Master Mason. I believe that the educational part of Freemasonry is what our Craft is all about with the Trivium and Quadrivium as our lost foundation that Freemasonry rests upon.  

How else do we make a good man better?

I Can Use Your Help

There is a lot of distraction and discontent in our country and world today. As well as a lot of attacks on Freemasonry.

Not all of our lodges have great Masonic education, in fact most don’t.

This website costs a good deal to keep up with updated security and high dollar tools to be able to get content through the search engines. A good deal of time is also needed to create really good content.

I did not create this website to have affiliate ads all over it and promote companies products and services. Since this website promotes Masonic education I don’t think it’s right to use Freemasonry and masonic education to promote products.

The only affiliate I’m currently using is Amazon and my goal is to become completely ad free.

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As of right now the book of the month giveaway has stopped because of a lack of support. I would like to keep doing this at some point.

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Most of you have social media accounts and clicking a button and sharing my content with other brothers and people you know, helps the content to rank higher in search engines so more people can see it.

Please tell other Brothers at lodge about Masonic Enlightenment. I have some nice business cards you can hand out. Just send me an Email Here and just ask for them.  

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That’s it and it will help a lot.  

One final thing…

Anti-Masonic websites, articles and videos have a lot of money backing them and they rank the highest on the Internet. Let’s put an end to that. By helping me you’re helping Freemasonry and supporting a Brother at the same time.