Freemasonry – What Is It?

I’m a 32° degree Scottish Rite, Blue Lodge Freemason who has also been a member of the Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis (SRICF) and the York Rite.

There is a lot of confusion, controversy and conspiracy theories on Freemasonry from people that know nothing about Freemasonry or where an ex-Freemason now has their own agenda to attack it.

I don’t know much about Freemasonry in Europe or other parts of the world but it is very similar. I have never attended a masonic lodge outside of the U.S. This article is about U.S. Freemasonry.

Many people that are religious or belong to a religion or some other cult like group believes that everyone should view the world as they do and believe what they believe or they condemn and attack them. The real truth is our freedom to express ourselves how we want, they way we want and believe what we want is what real freedom is all about.

Personally, I don’t like labels or being herded into a group like an animal because someone else has decided that is what I should do and applies guilt or fear into getting me to conform to their belief system and herd mentality.

What Do Freemasons Worship?

Freemasons don’t worship anything. It’s not a religion and there is no central deity to worship like with a religion.

What About Taking Blood Oaths and Who Are These Oaths To?

Each degree of Freemasonry requires a solemn blood Oath taken at an altar on your knees and with your hand on any book you choose (not just a Bible).

These oaths are very medieval and yes they are grim but no blood is spilled, no one gets hurt, even if you violate these oaths as many brothers do.

These oaths are more like acting and part of the performance and add to the seriousness of it all.

You will hear that Freemasonry is a beautiful system of morality veiled in symbols and allegories. This is true.

Freemasonry uses allegories as literary devices and semi hidden truth and meaning through rhetorical play acting devices that convey (semi-)hidden meanings through symbols, symbolic  figures, actions, imagery and events, which together create the moral and spiritual meaning the degrees are meant to convey.

You become an Actor in a grand play designed to convey ancient truth, ideas and wisdom.

This will continue in the Scottish Rite and York Rite degrees.

A lot of masonic lodges today do double degrees and skip the study and memory work with each degree. This is sad because if you’re going to become a Freemason, you want the whole experience as good as it gets. Therefore, find an old school lodge that takes the degrees and memory work seriously and go through your degrees in that lodge.

Becoming a participate in an old medieval play to learn hidden truths and wisdom through symbols, symbolic  figures, actions, imagery and events is a very old school way of initiation into a mystery school and the hidden mysterious of life.

This is why a lot of people put Freemasonry down and have a lot of negative things to say about our degrees, oaths and the way we do things because it’s not something that’s usually done in today’s western society. Today, it’s join the club or group, pay your dues, believe what they tell you to believe and you’re in.

Do Freemasons Believe in God and What is God in Freemasonry?

To become a Freemason you have to believe in a God or a Supreme Being or Creator. This God, Supreme Being or Creator can be from any religious or spiritual culture or represent anything you feel God a Supreme Being or a Creator would represent.

Most Freemasons describe God as, “The Great Architect of the Universe”. This is good enough for me since I’m way more into science than religion.

An Atheist cannot become a Freemason because the oaths, symbolism and grand plays are centered on a geometric, symbolic, divine architect type of Creator. Since an Atheist believes in nothing then everything would simply represent nothing and what would be the point?

No Brother will or should ever ask you about your definition of God or spiritual beliefs. The only question a Mason should ask you is if you believe in a God, Supreme Being or Creator? That’s it and if any Freemason pry’s deeper than that, they are in the wrong and should be reported to their lodges Worshipful Master.

Why Do Freemasons Call the Leader of the Lodge Worshipful Master or Worshipful?

This is again a symbolic old school title. No one in the lodge actually worships the leader of the lodge or anything or anyone in the lodge. There are some Brothers I have had very high reverence and greatly respect for but I never worshiped them.

Why Do Freemasons Call Each Other Brothers?

Again, this is an old custom to designate that another man is a Master Mason. In a masonic lodge you will find some men you are closer to then others and even some that you don’t like, relate to or even can’t stand. This is the way life is. In life there is no real utopian concept where everyone is your brother or sister and they are treated equally. Although Freemasonry attempts this, it’s not really possible, even in Freemasonry. Although, since every Master Mason is considered your brother, and you do take a vow to help them if they need it, you should always respect and help your brothers. In fact, as a Master Mason you should help anyone in need if and when you can, Freemason or not.

What Is The Highest Degree in Freemasonry?

The highest degree in Freemasonry is a Master Mason and it’s obtained in three Blue Lodge degrees called the Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason degrees.

A masonic lodge that is affiliated and approved by a state Grand Lodge is called a Blue Lodge.

There are other degrees in Freemasonry, Scottish Rite 32nd ° and 33rd ° Degree, as well as York Rite and Rosicrucian degrees but no degree is considered higher than a Master Mason.

Who Runs A Blue Lodge?

The Worshipful Master is appointed for usually one year and is in charge of the lodge. There are usually 11 Officers in a lodge. The lodge Treasurer, Secretary, Tyler and Chaplain are appointed positions and are usually kept for years by the same person. The Marshal, Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Junior Deacon and Senior Deacon, Junior Steward and Senior Steward are all positions that move to the next position once a new Worshipful Master is appointed every year. It usually takes 8 years (a year serving in each seat or office to become Worshipful Master of a lodge but today with sporadic attendance and brothers retiring from lodge it can be done sometimes in 3-4 years.

What Is A Grand Lodge

Each state in the U.S. has a Grand Lodge. The Grand Lodge is a governing body that supervises and governs individual Blue Lodges in each state.

Like a Blue Lodge, each Grand Lodge has a body of officers that serve in a position for one year and then move to the next highest seat eventually becoming Grand Master and head of the Grand Lodge.

If you visit a Blue Lodge it should have a certificate showing its association with a local state Grand Lodge. It’s also a good idea to ask if the lodge is associated with the states Grand Lodge. If it’s not, then the lodge is not considered to be part of Freemasonry and is an irregular lodge. Any degrees you receive in an irregular lodge are not accepted by a regular masonic Blue Lodge.

Do You Have To Have A Family Member Who Is Or Was A Freemason To Become A Freemason?

No, any man over 18 can join a Masonic lodge. You must believe in God a Supreme Being or Creator (whatever your definition of God is doesn’t matter) and not have any felony convictions. Although, lodge brothers will examine your criminal history and may admit a man with a past felony conviction depending on what is was for and how long ago it was.

Freemasonry is a charitable organization and gives back to the community whenever they can.

Why Do So Many Christian Churches and Christian Organizations Dislike and Attack Freemasonry?

The most logical reason I have for this is that Freemasonry in the way it works, is opposite of Christianity and what Christians teach and believe. God is not defined for you in any book and men of science, men of all faiths and all religious beliefs come together in harmony in Freemasonry. You will also find many Christian Masons.

You will also see some men who have left Freemasonry and now want to use Christianity as their new soapbox to attack Freemasonry but I think it’s very childish and says a lot about the person’s integrity and morals, as well as their motives.

The whole Ex-Masons for Jesus thing is like ex-free thinkers for cult and pagan worship, in my opinion.

Can A Woman Become a Freemason?

Not in a Blue Lodge that is associated and governed by a state Grand Lodge. There is a woman’s Masonic group called the Eastern Star.

Freemasons love to say that, “they are not a secret society but a society with secrets.” The secrets are the things you discover within yourself from being a Freemason. There are many men who treat it like a men’s club, while some go deeper into what it’s all about. How and what you do with Freemasonry is up to you.

Is Freemasonry an Occult or Esoteric Group?

Let’s first define occult and esoteric. Occult comes from the Latin word occultus and means hidden, concealed /secretly. Some Masons but very few of them in the U.S. are involved in occultism in Freemasonry and try and discover the secret meanings hidden in symbols and in ritualistic initiation. If that is something you’re interested in then you will love this website.

The word esoteric is derived from the Latin esotericus, which came from the Greek esōterikos, or esōterō. It means the secret meaning few know. Again, very similar to occultus. Occult is the hidden meaning within something and esoteric is the hidden meaning known to a few.

There are some serious occult and esoteric groups within Freemasonry but they are small and not even well known to most Freemasons, although they are open to and not opposed to them.

Do Freemasons Worship the Devil or Lucifer?

This question beyond ridicules for anyone intelligent and that looks at life with a reasonable logical view of it.

Is Freemasonry Part of The Illuminati or Cabal?

Anyone who asks this question has been watching way too much Alex Jones or bat shit crazy TV.  All Masons sign something before they get their first Apprentice degree that they will not associate with or are not associating with any group interested in taking over the U.S. Government. Also that they will obey the laws of the U.S. Constitution.

If anyone is claiming to be a Freemason and is in some powerful world order trying to take over the world then they are not a Freemason because they are breaking their written pledge they signed and agreed to as part of becoming a Freemason.

Seriously, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin where Freemasons and 13 men who signed the U.S. Constitution were Freemasons.

Even John Wayne was a Freemason and Audie Murphy, the most decorated American veteran of World War II was a Freemason.

From My Own Personal Experience

I think you will get out of Freemasonry what you put into it but don’t go into it with some grand utopian view of it. Freemasons are regular people with normal life issues and hang ups. Some are there for companionship and others to learn and become a better man.

If your going into Freemasonry to meet someone like Harry S. Truman, Voltaire, Benjamin Franklin, John Wayne or Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, then your most likely going to be disappointed but you will meet some men of great integrity and morality.

I found the idea around Freemasonry is that each of us is a temple of God in progress and Freemasonry lights up your temple and gives you the working tools to be build a strong and sturdy temple in this world. One that cannot only support you but your family as well.

Again, it’s based upon some very old medieval ancient moral ideas and practices, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

In this article on Freemasonry I have tried to be as honest and straightforward as I can. I hope I have answered any questions you have. If you still have more questions then please join my Masonic Enlightenment Facebook Group, I will then answer any additional questions you have and many other brothers can answer your questions also.